18. Jun, 2016

Second Day At The Canal!

After removing weeds and litter from the canal last time we were here, today we started work on the benches. We sanded down the top and began to paint that with some silver decking stainer. Meanwhile other scouts were at work pulling up weeds from further up the canal. We also decided to paint the wheels of the benches and because of it's location we thought long and hard about what colours we wanted...no we didn't! We straight away went with red and white for Stoke City Footbal Club, and i am not exagerating when I say it is an EXTREMELY BRIGHT red! It certainly stands out. One of the scouts also used some anti-graffiti spray to remove writing from a sign. We have plans to remove moss from the black on the benches and then paint over that the same colour just to neaten it up. We also have another idea to create little sign posts with inspirational quotes from each of the scouts and place them along our strip of the canal.